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Drake Addresses Viral Video Rumors with Humor During Concert



During a recent concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, rapper Drake light-heartedly addressed the rumors surrounding a leaked X-rated video purportedly featuring him. Taking the stage, the “God’s Plan” artist quipped, “I know y’all probably waiting on me to address this. So, the rumors are true.” After a dramatic pause, he humorously added, “My dad is here!” eliciting laughter from the audience.

The alleged leaked video surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), showing the Grammy winner engaged in a sexual act. While Drake hasn’t directly commented on the video, some speculate it may be a product of AI manipulation, similar to recent deepfake controversies involving other celebrities like Taylor Swift.

Despite the buzz surrounding the purported video, Drake seems unfazed, reportedly treating the situation lightly in conversations with close friend and streamer Adin Ross. In another notable moment, during his Nashville concert, Drake surprised a cancer survivor with a generous gift of $100,000, showcasing his compassion and generosity beyond the stage.

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