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Event Manager Addresses Aditya Narayan Concert Incident: ‘The Man Was Constantly Dragging Singer’s Feet’



Aditya Narayan, known for his singing and television hosting, sparked controversy recently when a video of him hitting a person during his performance at Rungta R2 College in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, went viral. In a recent interview with Zoom, the event manager shed light on the incident, revealing that the individual involved was not a student and had been incessantly dragging Aditya’s feet during the show.

According to the event manager, the individual in question was not affiliated with the college and had persistently been interfering with Aditya’s performance by dragging his feet and hitting his phone against the singer’s legs. This behavior reportedly escalated to the point where Aditya lost his cool and reacted by hitting the person.

The event manager emphasized that the concert proceeded smoothly aside from this incident, lasting nearly two hours after the altercation. He also mentioned that renowned singer Darshan Rawal had stopped performing at college events due to similar disruptions.

Expressing concern for Aditya’s safety, the event manager highlighted the potential danger posed by the individual’s actions, questioning what might have happened if Aditya had fallen down due to the constant interference. He also suggested that if the individual had been in the right, they would have come forward to report the incident to the college authorities.

Addressing the overall success of the concert, the event manager stated that the college had not witnessed such a positive response to a performance in many years, indicating that the incident should not overshadow the event’s overall outcome.

The viral video captured Aditya singing and interacting with the audience before abruptly stopping to address a fan. After attempting to retrieve the person’s phone and failing, Aditya resorted to hitting them and ultimately throwing the phone into the crowd.

The event manager’s remarks provide context to the controversial incident, highlighting the challenges faced by performers during live events and the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all involved.

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