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Shark Tank India Update: Bacca Bucci’s Valuation Critiqued by Judges



In a recent episode of Shark Tank India, the founders of Bacca Bucci, a fast fashion footwear brand targeting Gen-Z, faced tough criticism from the judges. Despite showing impressive revenue figures, they failed to secure the investment they were seeking.

The Bacca Bucci team requested Rs 2.5 crore for a mere 1% equity stake in their company, valuing it at a hefty Rs 250 crore. However, their valuation was met with skepticism from the sharks, especially Deepinder Goyal, who rated their pitch a mere “2 out of 10.”

Anupam Mittal also raised concerns about the brand’s “design language,” noting that their products lacked a cohesive style. He pointed out that established brands like Nike and Adidas maintain consistent branding across all their products, unlike Bacca Bucci, where each product line has a different logo.

Despite the criticism, the Bacca Bucci founders emphasized their profitability and expressed their eagerness to receive guidance to elevate their brand. However, their valuation and branding strategy failed to impress the sharks, leading to their unsuccessful pitch on Shark Tank India.

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