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Malaika Arora Opens Up About Divorce from Arbaaz Khan: “I was Ridiculed and Questioned”



In a recent interview, Malaika Arora bravely shared the challenges she faced after ending her 19-year marriage with Arbaaz Khan in 2017. The 50-year-old actress and host opened up about feeling “questioned and ridiculed” for her decision to separate, especially since divorce was not common among women in the industry at that time.

Despite not feeling pressured by her family to marry early, Malaika tied the knot with Arbaaz at 25. However, as time passed, she realized that her marriage was not what she wanted. She explained, “When I decided to get divorced, I don’t think there were too many women in the industry getting divorced and moving on. I felt, for me, for my personal growth, my choice, I had to feel okay within if I had to make my kid happy and make my kid flourish in his space.”

Malaika emphasized the importance of feeling settled and happy within oneself, especially when it comes to making others around you happy. She acknowledged the societal stigma attached to divorce but asserted that her decision was necessary for her well-being and her son’s happiness.

The actress also addressed an incident where a publication made derogatory comments about her, assuming she could afford expensive outfits due to a “fat alimony” from her divorce. She expressed shock and dismay at such assumptions, highlighting that material possessions do not define a person’s worth.

Malaika has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for almost three decades and continues to be a favorite of the paparazzi. Her journey serves as an inspiration for many, showcasing strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

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