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Mahira Khan Denies Pregnancy Rumours: “They Said I’ve Left a Netflix Series, It’s Not True”



Mahira Khan, the renowned Pakistani actor, recently tied the knot with Salim Karim in a beautiful ceremony in Bhurban, Pakistan, in October 2023. However, despite the joyous occasion, Mahira has found herself at the center of speculation regarding pregnancy rumors. Addressing these rumors, Mahira expressed bewilderment, suggesting that they may have stemmed from her recent weight gain.

In a candid conversation with Mashion, Mahira dismissed the pregnancy rumors, stating, “It’s not weird. It’s just a rumor.” She further elaborated, “I don’t know where they came up with it. Maybe because I have put on weight. But they also said that I have left a Netflix series and a major film and what not. So yeah. But it’s not true.”

Mahira and Salim’s wedding was a traditional nikaah ceremony, complete with other customary festivities. Despite keeping their relationship private, Mahira shared several delightful pictures from their wedding on social media. In a touching moment captured on video, Salim was visibly emotional as Mahira approached him in an elegant ivory ensemble with a flowing veil.

Reflecting on her relationship with Salim, Mahira humorously shared some insights. She remarked, “I hate that he is not expressive,” before jokingly adding, “I tolerate that he is not expressive.” On a lighter note, she mentioned their differing preferences in music, revealing, “Sometimes I like the music to be turned off but he likes the music to be on all the time.”

Mahira’s previous marriage to Ali Askari ended in 2015, and they share a son named Azlaan. Her recent marriage to Salim marks a new chapter in her life, filled with love and happiness.

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