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Twinkle Khanna’s Hilarious Take on Valentine’s Day Gifts from Indian Husbands



In her trademark witty style, Twinkle Khanna, also known as Mrs Funnybones, has shared her humorous perspective on Valentine’s Day and the gifts husbands typically give their wives, especially after being married for over a decade.

In her latest column for The Times of India, Twinkle delves into the origins of Valentine’s Day, jokingly suggesting it might have been an experiment concocted in a medieval board meeting to boost post-Christmas sales. She quips about the irony of celebrating love amidst consumerism, with husbands often gifting their wives the same thing – a headache.

Reflecting on her own marriage to actor Akshay Kumar, Twinkle muses about the true essence of love, emphasizing the acceptance of each other’s flaws. Despite the absence of extravagant gestures like wilting red roses and cheesy greeting cards, she believes love transcends materialistic expressions.

Beyond her humorous musings on Valentine’s Day, Twinkle Khanna is known for her literary prowess. From her debut non-fiction book, “Mrs Funnybones,” to her latest release, “Welcome to Paradise,” Twinkle continues to captivate readers with her unique blend of wit and insight.

As she embarks on new ventures, including pursuing a Masters in Fiction Writing, Twinkle Khanna solidifies her status as one of India’s most celebrated authors, leaving readers eagerly awaiting her next literary masterpiece.

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